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Installing Window 10 on the Raspberry Pi

For once, not a post about Pen. Although, Pen does run on Windows and yes, Pen will run on Windows on the Pi.

Installing Windows was a bit of a challenge because of DISM.EXE, the tool used to write the image to the SD card. The problem is that the version in Windows 8.1 – the most recent supported version of Windows – is too old! According to the installation instructions, Windows 10 must first be installed on a PC; an absurd requirement which is fortunately incorrect. Instead, Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit for Windows 10 can be installed and includes a newer release of the tool.

With that hurdle out of the way, the rest of the installation was easy. Microsoft seems to regard the Pi not as a self-hosted environment but rather as a kind of Arduino to which you deploy “apps”. We’ll see how well that is received.