Pen 0.33.0 released

Available here:

And also here:

Pen 0.33.0 has been released. UDP streams are now treated as such and not
broken up into individual datagrams.

Issue #22 has been fixed.

Full list of changes from 0.32.0:

160407 Cleaned up code residue surrounded by “#if 0”.
Released 0.33.0.

160407 Added CS_HALFDEAD for UDP streams that haven’t seen traffic in a while.

160321 Bug in pending_and_closing: don’t modify the list we’re looping over.

160318 Updated pen manpage.
Deprecated -Q option (it didn’t do anything since kqueue was already the
default where it was available).
Fixed error handling in epoll support.

160217 Added transparent UDP test case to

160128 Contribution from Talik Eichinger: add X-Forwarded-Proto when doing
SSL decryption.


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