The Great Load Balancer Shootout…

… is not what this is about. I was however curious how Pen performs compared to other open source load balancers. All load balancers I could think of in Raspbian were installed on the trusty RPi2 and configured to withstand the same torrent of traffic I use to test Pen.

The result can be seen below. In the interest of keeping crazies out, the “other” load balancers have been anonymized. This is a very simple synthetic test and the results may vary a lot depending on the test conditions. It is however nice to see that:

– Pen had the highest maximum throughput, measured in requests per second
– Pen supported the highest concurrency of all tested load balancers

In the chart below, X is the number of concurrent requests and Y is the number of requests per second. More is better. No line means that the load balancer failed.



2 thoughts on “The Great Load Balancer Shootout…

  1. For the record, here’s the Pen command line:

    ./pen -fr -x 50000 -q 50000 -t 10 80 ab01 ab02 ab03 ab04 ab05 ab06 ab07 ab08 ab09 ab10 ab11 ab12 ab13 ab14 ab15 ab16 ab17 ab18 ab19 ab20

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