Pen 0.27.2 released

Available here:

And also here:

A couple of new features mainly meant for testing:

– Reliable idlers: Pen creates and maintains a number of idle connections
to the backend servers. If a connection is closed by the server, it is

– Dummy server: Instead of proxying requests to a real server, Pen acts
as a web server by replying with an http response to anything the
client says.

And a new bunch of features that allow better control over what Pen
does and how. See below and also the penctl manpage. As usual, everything
that can be done through penctl can also be done through the configuration
file or the command line.

Full list of changes since 0.27.1:

150228 Moved dlist prototypes to dlist.h.

150227 Added check to close idle connections after a period of inactivity.
Penctl: idle_timeout N (default 0 = never close idle connections).

150225 Moved git repository to GitHub..

150225 New feature: dummy server. Rather than acting as a proxy,
Pen will pretend to be a web server with just barely enough
functionality to work as a test target.
Penctl: dummy|no dummy.

150224 Yet Another command: abort_on_error|no abort_on_error makes
Pen call abort() (or not) when encountering a fatal error.

150224 New feature: “reliable idling”. Pen will make and maintain a
number of idle connections to the backend servers. When a connection
closes, a new one is made (hence “reliable”). Penctl: idlers [N].

150223 In do_cmd: return diagnostics to penctl so the user can see them,
instead of uselessly sending them to syslog.

150223 New penctl commands:
socket N (print which connection the socket belongs to)
connection N (print info on the specified connection)
close N (forcibly close connection N)


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