Benchmarking Pen on the Raspberry Pi

This test was conducted with 20 clients (from here on referred to as minions),
also acting as web servers with lighttpd. A Raspberry
Pi B revision 1 was used as load balancer. The revision 1 part is important,
because it only has 256 MB of RAM. The later revision 2 har 512 MB and would be
capable of handling more connections.

The test used 625 idle connections on each minion, along with 625 active connections
for a total of 20*(625+625) = 25000 connections to Pen. Since each connection *to*
Pen also results in a connection to the back-end server, that’s a total of 50000
TCP connections on the poor Pi.

20 of 20 succeded
 Idle Connections:             12500
 Active Connections:           12500
 Total Concurrency Level:      25000
 Average time taken for tests: 30.608 seconds
 Complete requests:            12500
 Failed requests:              0
 Total transferred:            5425000 bytes
 HTML transferred:             2212500 bytes
 Requests per second:          408.38 [#/sec] (mean)
 Transfer rate:                173.08 [Kbytes/sec] received

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