Monthly Archives: June 2014

Pen 0.24.0 released

The UDP code has been simplified, cleaned up and bugfixed. Performance seems better now. Here is a simple test with two hosts over gigabit ethernet:

On host 1:
ulric@qvp2:~/pen-0.24.0$ yes “Ulric was here” | ./penlog 10000

On host 2:
ulric@debian:~/Projekt/pen/Zippar/pen-0.24.0$ ./pen -dfU -S 1 10000 > out 2>&1

On host 1:
ulric@qvp2:~/pen-0.24.0$ ./penlogd -df 10000 > out 2>&1
ulric@qvp2:~/pen-0.24.0$ grep -c “2014-06-21 16:27:12: bogus web line Ulric was here” out

Penlog and Penlogd are two programs that send and receive Apache logs over UDP. Used here to generate and receive a lot of UDP traffic.

Source available here, as usual: